Residential ICF

The Benefits

The benefits of getting an eco-friendly ICF home are many for you as a homeowner. It is important that as a whole, we work together to incorporate energy efficient construction technology in our future developments.

Using ICF as the basis of your construction means that these materials can provide up to 50% energy savings compared to traditional building methods using timber. This is why, as a homeowner, an ICF development is perfect for minimising your energy costs as well as reducing your carbon emissions.


Recycled Materials


Energy Savings


Protection from Winds


Thick Walls

Affordable Living

Future Homes have trained and qualified as NUDURA ICF installers so that we can bring your next home the best building solution that is available today. The combination of rising costs means

there’s a requirement for building technology to make our homes more energy efficient and cost saving.

By using ICF technology, we also develop a more comfortable place to live, making it a healthier, safer, in-door living environment.

Maximum Safety

Weather Resistant

Healthier Living Environment

High Energy Savings

Protected Housing

We at Future Homes Developments, are key in providing the latest technology to those homes that are found in areas across the UK that are susceptible to high winds, fires, floods and other elements. NUDURA Insulated Concrete Wall Systems are designed to

withstand some of the toughest weather conditions and the test of time. This building product can ensure your home maximum protection by the steel-reinforced, solid concrete core, from winds of up to 250 mph. We give you peace of mind, knowing your family and your property is safe and secure in almost any situation.

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