Commercial ICF

The Benefits

Working in the commercial sector demands other requirements for your building in relation to health and safety, environmental issues and much more. With Future Homes, you can build sustainable, energy-efficient buildings that will surpass the requirements of building authorities to create

new developments quickly and easily.

Across the world, schools, hospitals, leisure centres and many other buildings are turning to ICF solutions because of their energy saving and cost reducing features. Combining these with Future Homes’ renewable energy sources, they can create carbon positive buildings that benefit future generations.


All ICF materials are made from 100% recycled polypropylene and steel making them super environmentally friendly, saving future generations


Insulated Concrete Forms are a reversible system that creates less waste in construction and all waste is 100% recyclable


ICF concrete structures are capable of withstanding the test of time and the elements, giving you maximum safety


Savings of up to 50% in annual energy costs, means for a reduction in the building’s carbon footprint


ICF has been laboratory tested and will not support mould growth unlike traditional timber frame structures

Innovative Solutions

Being innovative developers, means we have a passion for NUDURA ICF technology. These concrete forms have proven to be up to 149% better in overall performance compared to timber frame and brick and block properties. This is in regards to covering aspects such as insulation, air-tightness, fire resistance,

energy saving and so on.

Due to the strength of the solid concrete core found in ICF products, it is without a doubt that a building, especially in the commercial sector, can be recognised as a safe, secure and comfortable place in which to work, visit and live. That is why we are striving to create commercial and residential properties with this technology, to provide a better construction for future generations.

Better R-Values than Timber Frame Properties
No Thermal Bridging Needed
Energy Savings
Non-Toxic Fire Retardant Materials

Superior Strength

Future Homes Developments creates commercial properties that have superior strength to withstand many factors that a traditional timber frame and brick and block buildings, could not. So, when having a commercial ICF development,

we can ensure that from our steel reinforced solid concrete core, your walls will remain sturdy and secure for those who use it.

The concrete forms can range from 4 inches up to 12 inches of concrete. With our designers, you can ensure your property has the suitable size for its purpose and location.

“Creative construction for the commercial sector”

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