Building Reports & Site Surveys

Property Inspection

Getting your site surveyed or building checked by Future Homes has never been easier. With us you get a detailed report including in-depth descriptions of identified issues with your property, a full rectification plan, as well as

as well as accurate pricing and costs for repairs to be done, with or without us.

Site Surveys & Maintenance Reports by Future Homes Developments

Structural Surveys

With us, property surveys are simple, in-depth and accurate. By utilising modern drone technology, we bring you a different yet excellent way to capture relevant footage of your building. We can then thoroughly analyse your property to identify any issues.

We’re about more than just giving you the minimum. Our passion for sustainable buildings is put into each

and every aspect of our work. That’s why we strive to bring you most safe and reliable ways to carry out your property surveys and home inspections.

With our property reports, you get to see the issues with your building, a rectification plan to address the issues and also an advisory plan on preventative maintenance, so as to limit future costs.

Building Inspection Reports

Who are these reports for? Our building inspection reports are especially suited to large building sites for properties that deny easy access. These would usually be costly and very time-consuming.

However, as we carry out these property inspections through drone technology, we require very little labour

and time to get a full analysis and evaluation of your building.

Our work doesn’t inhibit your access due to our clever technology, allowing us to reach great building heights quickly and safely, getting you the information you need in a timely manner.

Utilising the latest drone technology, making our reports quicker and more advanced for you

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