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Our Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources are vital for creating a sustainable living environment for future generations. As energy from these renewable sources will remain available, it is imperative to utilise them to contribute eco-friendly homes to the construction industry.

We install solar panels for homes, air-source heat pumps and photovoltaics. One of the most recommended sources for your property is solar energy.

As heating and electricity are two unavoidable costs when owning a property, we’re aiming to provide systems that can help reduce your energy costs and give back to the environment.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels cleverly utilise the Sun’s energy to generate electricity and heating used in the home. As a renewable energy source, they cut your carbon footprint and are trusted to not release any harmful CO2 or other gas pollutants to the environment.

A solar panel is a group of cells connected electronically and grouped into a frame. The cells are made of semiconductors such as silicon, which absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity.

Solar panels work all year round. The full potential of a solar panel is released during the sunny months, however, they also produce a considerable amount of electricity during cloudy days.

Give yourself financial help by incorporating solar panels into your energy mix. They can help to reduce your costs significantly and dependent on your tariff type, you can even earn money through effective use of solar energy:

“Through Feed-in Tariffs (FiT), you can get paybacks for the electricity you produce, making you self-sufficient, sustainable and gaining extra income.”

No Polluntants

Solar powered energy is one of the cleanest, renewable energy sources available, today

Fully Accessible

Solar panels are powered through the Sun’s energy which is available worldwide

Low Maintenance

Solar Panels are an eco-friendly addition to the home and they don’t require regular maintenance either

Quick & Easy Install

Installing solar panels is relatively simple, meaning investing in this renewable energy source is almost hassle free

More Affordable

Prices of solar panels for homes have steadily reduced over the past few years, making them a more affordable investment

Air-Source Heat Pumps

What are they? Air Source Heat Pumps (also known as air to air heat pumps) are renewable energy systems that absorb heat energy from the outside air that’s then transferred to energy for home uses. These include heating radiators, underfloor heating systems or warm air convectors.

These clever air source heating systems can extract heat from temperatures as low as -15° C. However, air source heating requires electricity to run and so have some impact on the environment.

Although, the heat they extract is continuously being renewed naturally.

The Benefits: One of the biggest advantages of air source heating is the multiple economic benefits. As the system can heat your home as well as the water you use, it makes it a great investment that helps to significantly lower energy bills over time. Plus, it has little to no maintenance.

Like solar panels, there’s also opportunity to generate an income through the UK government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

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