Refurbishments & Extensions

Home Refurbishments

All home refurbishments and new build extensions created by us can be completed for both commercial and residential property. Built with the clever technology that is Insulated Concrete Forms to bring you a sustainable and energy-efficient home renovation.

We are driven to incorporate the latest construction technologies in building today, which minimise energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and maximise property value.

By choosing an ICF refurbishment or new build extension, you will be helping to provide reliable homes and commercial buildings for the future.

Refurbishments and Extensions by Future Homes Developments

Why An ICF Extension?

We cannot stress how important it is to create sustainable housing and commercial properties for future generations. By utilising the technology of NUDURA’s ICF product, we can improve the building process to support environmental issues and save valuable resources.

Future Homes are you’re go-to, forward-thinking construction company for new build extensions.

A development project incorporating ICF is built to last and retain value. Your home will get substantially better durability and require less maintenance and repair over its lifetime. Why would you not want to be a part of something so forward-thinking?

Reliable Protection

Due to the range of different sizes of ICF, a home built in this product will give you the suitable size for your area and living environment, making your home perfect for you.

Eco-Friendly Homes

Future Homes are passionate about bringing future generations eco friendly housing, today. That’s why we make our developments out of eco-friendly, renewable resources.

No Mould Growth

Homes capable of withstanding environmental damage are only achievable with top materials. Hence we use ICF. Laboratory tested to not support mould growth.

Utilise Resources

ICF properties help to address environmental issues found in the construction industry. They’re 100% recyclable, meaning we can continually utilise these resources.

The Benefits

ICF has a wide array of benefits that help to reduce the need for later refurbishment to your building. Usually brick and mortar homes require property maintenance as the current building’s foundations lack durability, mould resistance and more.

We use insulated concrete forms for home refurbishments as their extreme ability to protect homeowners from external environmental factors. You receive maximum safety even in areas prone to harsh weather. It’s that high-impact resistant.

Not only this, NUDURA’s concrete forms are laboratory tested and will not support mould growth. Regardless of your location, even in higher altitudes or windy and damp regions, you’re covered.

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