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Working with Future Homes for your new build development gives you a unique and simple way to create a stunning home, completed by one company alone. We create you a forever home with NUDURA’s ICF System to ensure your project is easily installed, whilst meeting design and building requirements.

With being a certified NUDURA installer, we can speed up the building process, reduce waste and deliver architectural impact in a simple, stress-free process.

Our 35+ years of industry experience, means we’re aware of the pressure our clients may feel under when pursuing a new build development. We ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible for you, from start to finish.

When it comes to creativity we don’t limit our clients and their properties. From bungalows to 3-story houses to terraced extensions. We provide a sustainable, energy-saving development in concrete forms that’s tailored to the individual.

“We’re a specialist construction company supplying you with expert builders in many trades. We take you through the planning, development and completion of a new build house, without the need of contractors.”

We predominantly operate in the Staffordshire Moorlands area. However, by working to our company policy, we’re happy to work in surrounding areas to deliver eco-friendly homes for all.

If you’re looking for high-end, bespoke property developers for a new build development or home renovation, drop us a line. Reach us on 01538 710 390 or get in touch through our contact page.

Future Homes Developments - ICF Residential Housing

Why Build An ICF Home?

Our company is driven by the desire to create healthier indoor living environments. Our goal is to make construction more sustainable for future generations. The eco-friendly homes we create, offer lower overall maintenance costs over their lifetime

compared with traditional building techniques.

Residential ICF houses see a great benefit of up to 50-70% better energy performance compared to timber frame builds. In the long-term, this gives homeowners more affordable living.

Why Us?

We bring you new build homes that provide you and your family with greater comfort, safety and energy-efficiency. Overall, you receive a more sustainable home.

By building to our company policy, we work to support environmental issues, reduce energy consumption and save our building resources for future generations.


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