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We believe that reliable, energy efficient buildings are crucial to creating a sustainable construction industry. Buildings today, demand maximisation of property value which is why construct commercial properties in ICF blocks. By doing so, we can create sustainable, energy-saving, cost-reducing commercial buildings across the UK.

Insulated Concrete Forms have incredible properties that will surpass health and safety guidelines for commercial properties such as schools, hospitals, leisure centres and more.

Offering superior strength, fire resistance and a reduction in carbon emissions, the ICF system together with our team of experts, creates excellent commercial constructions.

Reduce Sound Pollution

Commercial properties situated in central cities can greatly benefit from the reduced sound pollution coming into and out of the building

Heating Bill Reductions

Having a commercial ICF building means that your heating bills are sure to decrease in comparison to those for traditional build properties

Quick Build Time

Due to the ease of creating properties with ICF, Future Homes can deliver your development in reduced timescales

Recyclable Materials

You don’t have to worry whether your new commercial development is within your eco-friendly standards, as ICF is 100% recyclable

Carbon Positive

Having your development built with the most affordable, energy-efficient, construction technology of modern day, helps you achieve carbon positivity

Sustainable Properties

Using NUDURA ICF, Future Homes brings you the most energy-efficient and sustainable buildings to date

Why Build in ICF?

Insulated Concrete Forms are known for benefiting the commercial sector through creative construction in many ways. ICF blocks can reduce thermal transfer to levels so low, that even in the harshest conditions,

your buildings will not suffer – neither will your finances for heating. The concrete forms are designed to minimise energy costs, unlike traditional building methods, which is why ICF is a proven alternative.

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Carbon Positive Builds

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Future Homes strongly supports NUDURA’s ICF creation for the sole reason that this building technology is designed and committed to improving the building process to support environmental issues. This means that by incorporating this technology into our company,

we can save our valuable environmental resources for future generations.

A NUDURA ICF Property provides the maximum thermal performance meaning energy use in heating the building is reduced. Not only does this help the environment but save the commercial sector money too.

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