What Do You Get With Us?

Our experts at Future Homes Developments have carried out research to ensure that we create the most eco friendly houses and house renovations. You’re even given the choice to install renewable energy sources to your property to make it even more sustainable.

Not only this but as an all-in-1 company, we bring you a full, reliable service to carry out each and every process required in new build developments. From obtaining planning permission, carrying out site surveys, building your home and furnishing it.

We literally work to cover every aspect that you come across in your property development, making your life a lot easier.

Likewise to homeowners, Future Homes bring you a reliable construction company that carries out each and every process required in commercial building.

With many years of experience working in the commercial sector, we’re knowledgeable of all the processes that come with creating new offices, hospitals, leisure centres and schools. That’s why we can assure you, our team of experts can help to boost your property development and make it eco-friendly and sustainable for generations to come.

We don’t just offer you the bare minimum; that is energy-efficient, sustainable property developments that last a lifetime and save you money. We also offer additional services that really make a difference to your home and your life. This is through our renewable energy sources.

As a company, we cannot be more passionate about creating safer, more secure, cleaner living and working environments for now and future generations.


The Benefits of ICF

NUDURA ICF technology is key to unlocking sustainable properties for future generations. Here are 6 ways in which they are green:

  1. The material of the webs is 100 percent recycled. The material for the foam is 100 percent recyclable.
  2. Using NUDURA as opposed to traditional building methods cuts down the amount of wood used, which has become a precious commodity.
  3. NUDURA forms also minimize mould growth and provide a more soundproof home, increasing indoor comfort dramatically.
  4. By reducing waste and shipping space required, NUDURA ICFs also positively impact the environment.
  5. The EPS foam used in NUDURA ICFs emits no CFCs, HCFCs or VOCs.
  6. The plastic webs, composed of high-density polypropylene, are totally inert and emit nothing.
  • Less to cool and heat. Buildings with exterior NUDURA ICF Concrete Walls, also utilise less energy to heat and cool than similarly insulated buildings with wood or steel frame walls.
  • NUDURA ICF Concrete walls have a high storage capacity with low thermal conductivity, it provides the most useful level of Thermal Mass. This helps to stabilise the internal temperature from day to night temperature fluctuations
FAQs - Graph of Concrete Wall Benefits

FAQs – Graph of Concrete Wall Benefits

The solid mass of the NUDURA wall has some very unique qualities. The monolithic concrete is layered between two continuous panels of 2 5/8” (67 mm) EPS foam, which isolates the concrete and significantly reduces the flow of heat through the wall.

Since NUDURA walls have a high storage capacity with low thermal conductivity, it provides the most useful level of Thermal Mass. This helps to stabilise the internal temperature from day to night temperature fluctuations and provides a largely self-regulating environment. Reducing the amount of mechanical equipment needed for heating and cooling means less energy consumption. This results in greater cost savings throughout the year.


Our Renewable Energy Installation

Future Homes offer only the best and most energy efficient renewable sources for our clients. As of having many years experience installing renewable energy, we know the easiest and quickest methods of installation to save you time and money. So, which renewable energy sources do we offer?

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Photovoltaics
  3. Air Source Heat Pumps

Future Homes are heavily experienced in installing renewable energy sources to a variety of different properties in the UK. We assess your property along with your living needs to bring you the best-suited solution. May that be a single energy source or combination of renewable energy sources.

We encourage you to contact us and speak with our experts so we can really cater to your property. In order to make your new build home as eco-friendly as possible, we first must understand you and your home.

What is the benefit of using Future Homes? We have a vested interest in each of our clients and their projects. Whether it’s residential or commercially, our clients get the best possible outcome for their new build property. We ensure it’s suited to the location of the building plus the needs of the people.

We’re on hand whenever you need to speak to us. You get reliable and trusted staff to approach so that together we can build real, long-lasting relationships and of course, successful property development. Want to get in touch? Call us today on 07970 742 975.


We Use Drone Technology

All of Future Homes’ reports and surveys include detailed descriptions of any identified issues, a full rectification plan and a summary of costings. We also offer an advisory service whereby we can generate a plan of action for your building. This will include various preventive maintenance methods to limit unexpected future costs needed for building repairs.

This makes our surveys and reports very valuable and worthwhile for saving future expenses, when they re not entirely necessary. Want to get yours? Call us today on 07970 742 975 for more information

External Site Surveys and Building Maintenance Reports with Future Homes are done with drone technology. This makes them perfect for large buildings which need continuous access. By using drone technology we ensure that your building has the minimum amount of labour and time spent generating your property analysis, without compromising on the details.

Our drones can capture footage from great heights, meaning there is less requirement for workers to install scaffolding to access your building which may demand more of our staff.

Drone technology is the perfect solution to finding and solving your building’s issues without reducing its accessibility.


Not found what you’re looking for? Every build renovation we complete in ICF is different, so perhaps you need an answer to a specific question. You can contact us and one of our experts can help with your query or you can visit the NUDURA FAQ’s page.

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