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We’re extremely passionate about bringing you high-quality, energy-efficient, sustainable new build homes for the future. We have a team of dedicated experts who each specialise in a specific construction trade. From plumbers to electricians, our team is fully equipped.  That means you get to work with a single construction company that’s reliable and professional.

At Future Homes Developments, we work one to one with the client, to create a beautifully bespoke new build that caters to the needs of the homeowner or company.

Not only that but to ensure we bring our clients maximum efficiency with their property development, we’re fully trained as renewable energy installers in a variety of forms. This includes solar panels and photovoltaics.

Our Goal

Since becoming a NUDURA ICF installer, we’re on a mission to bring energy-efficient and cost-saving, sustainable properties to the Staffordshire Moorlands and surrounding areas – both commercial and residential.

“A recent third-party Thermal Study by CLEB Laboratories proves that an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall achieves up to 58% better R-Value and 149% better overall performance than a traditional 2″ x 6” wall for the same investment. “

We’ve built new build homes in concrete blocks for some time now so we’ve seen how superior the technology is. When ICF homes are compared with timber frame or brick property developments, the difference in time to build, energy savings, safety and security, is unbelievable. We know that insulated concrete blocks are the key to sustainable new builds for the future.

Our Vision

“We incorporate the latest construction technologies from around the world. Our aim is to achieve the most energy efficient, residential and commercial property developments.”

We’re bringing you new build homes, offices, schools and more, that are safe, comfortable and energy saving. We’re extremely passionate about saving the environment through efficient, innovative construction technologies.

That’s why we use Insulated Concrete Forms for our new build property developments.

With us, you can trust we’re going to commit and cater to you as a client for it’s in our nature to provide the best housing for both you and future generations.

Rely on us to finish every aspect of your new build to a high standard so it withstands the test of time.

Certified ICF Installers

Due to the ever rising prices of energy within commercial and residential properties, we have searched for sustainable housing solutions worldwide to incorporate into our company.

The most recent phenomena in the construction industry is related to the development of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF).

We use ICF that USA innovators, NUDURA have created. Why? These products are successful in the USA and Canada, where weather conditions are more extreme. So, we’re certain they’ll provide safe housing in the UK.

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